Kinross Farm is a family owned and managed business that has been producing high quality eggs for over 40 years. Located in the foothills of Victoria’s Great Dividing Range, the farm is only a 1 hour drive from Melbourne.

At Kinross we believe that great eggs come from healthy, well cared for hens. Everyone at Kinross Farm is committed to the wellbeing of our hens and ensuring that we always deliver the highest quality eggs to you.

Our commitment to quality begins with the rearing of our day old chicks. They are provided with nutritious natural feed, housed in modern climate controlled facilities and cared for by our highly trained team.

We continue with this commitment to quality through the use of state of the art egg grading and packaging equipment and our own dedicated fleet of refrigerated delivery vehicles. This ensures that the eggs that are delivered to you by Kinross Farm are the freshest and of highest quality possible.

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