Kinross Farm established its main Free Range farm at Euroa, near the Strathbogie Ranges.

A unique design was created to optimize the welfare of the birds and to give consideration to the environment so that we have a long term sustainable enterprise.

A Wintergarden is integral to the house design, it allows the hens a secure and covered “play” area to enjoy scratching and dust bathing, whilst being outside at the same time, it also ensures the birds have outdoor access when weather patterns are severe.

The farm has been designed and laid out in a Windmill design; traditionally poultry houses were constructed in rows next to each other to reduce cost and distance between houses.

However this can compromise the hen’s ability to access pasture and limits the opportunity to rotate the grazing of such pastures.

The Windmill design gives each house its own dedicated pasture; without encroaching on the other houses and allowing more grazing area to be readily accessed.

See our Windmill design

Windmill Design with Four Hen Houses

Our hens are given a minimum 10 hours per day access to the outdoors.

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