Quality Assurance and Food Safety at Kinross Farm

The entire Kinross Farm team is committed to producing Australia’s best eggs. We strive to continuously improve both the quality of the eggs we produce and the wellbeing of our hens. As part of this commitment we surpass all industry standards for quality and bird welfare.

The quality standards of Kinross Farm are independently audited by the following accredited authorities using HACCP principles:

The Australian Egg Corporation (AECL).

SGS – The world leading inspection, verification and testing organization.

Woolworths Supermarkets – Certification to Woolworths Quality Standards.

The HACCP quality standard for egg freshness is measure by Haugh Units. Kinross Farm consistently surpasses the industry standard. Haugh Freshness Kinross Farm has adopted HACCP to ensure that our food safety systems are best practice. This ensures that the eggs we deliver to you are of the highest quality.

When you crack a Kinross Farm egg you will notice the difference. The yolks are naturally brighter and the whites are firmer. Quality that you can see and taste.

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