Post-war migrants from Hungary, Mike & Kathleen Szepe and Philip’s Grandmother Judy Fadgyjas set up farm with a small flock of 2500 hens in Kinglake West. The business grew within the confines of Victoria’s strictly regulated egg industry.


After completing a Bachelor of Agricultural Science, son Phillip Szepe joins the business and vaccine egg supply begins for pharmaceutical use.


Philip and his wife Jane buy the business from the family and expand to create a new farm in Euroa.


Vaccine egg production begins in Euroa.


Innovative free range and rearing methods are launched in Euroa, Carisbrook and Wimmera.


A value added processed egg plant is built to produce liquid egg products.


Today as a business we look forward to meeting the needs of our customers by investing in our people and fulfilling the highest standard of welfare and husbandry to best meet the needs of our hens and to ensure we supply  top quality eggs and egg products to all our customers.