Kinross Farms

Kinross Farms is family owned and operated by Philip and Jane Szepe. We have been raising healthy hens and producing high quality eggs for over 50 years. Our main farm is located in the foothills of Victoria’s Great Dividing Range.

We manage every part of the egg production from growing day-old chicks to feed milling, grading and value add. That way we can guarantee quality assurance for every single egg.

At Kinross Farms, we know that high quality fresh eggs come from healthy well cared for hens. We’re committed to training and developing our Kinross Farms team to ensure top quality husbandry for our hens.

We have invested in modern facilities throughout Kinross Farms to ensure we deliver high quality nutrition and optimal husbandry to all our hens.

Once our eggs have been laid, we use state-of-the-art grading, warehousing, pasteurising and packaging equipment to ensure safe, fast and efficient delivery to our customers.

At Kinross Farms, we’re dedicated every step of the way to delivering you the best eggs in the business.